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VetBe site development progress
Site Progress
Newest additions at the top :
* Changed heading on 'Who We Are' pages to use the image from PetsUnlimited.org as requested - it's easy to use graphics for headings (once they're uploaded to the site, you can select them the same as you would the Puppy logo etc). However, we need to be careful of the time taken to download each page - every bit of graphics adds to that.

* Added office info column on the right of 'Home' ..
Question : The 'Home' page (the first page you will see) is also the 'home' page for 'English'- is this how you'd like it to be? You could then have the translated text for 'Home' pages for French and Nederlands.
The alternative would be to have just one first page (one language only) and then go on to other languages from that.

* Added Language bar (I like this idea. It makes the layout much more logical)

* Line added under Page Heading (all pages)

* problem with uploading images fixed

* ability to enter links added (the link where you add three asterisks for the link .. is this facility ok? I was wondering whether it's a little cumbersome)

* Approval process added- anyone can now enter pet details, but the details are kept on a hidden list until the status is changed to 'Approved'. Only administrators can see/do this.

* Administrator link added to bottom of menu on left. (visible only when logged in!)