Hiring SKP
Down to Business

The aim is for Everyone to have a good time! SKP are not about posing. SKP are about getting up and having some fun.

SKP Professionalism

  • We do not 'fail to turn up'.
  • We work hard at being *good* - average music is no fun for anyone.
  • We will cater for the audience appropriately - we can cover most age groups and will do so tastefully.
  • We are really really nice people !
  • If we are an inappropriate addition to your party, we will tell you ! (free of charge)

We naturally provide all the equipment needed to play for your function. We can also provide background and entrance music via pre-recorded CDs (on request).

We can play for as short or as long as you require, at no extra charge and can stop at any time for speeches, announcements, games, raffles, strippers, etc.

We play a wide range of 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and 2000's pop, dance & rock songs (see links to the left).

We can also learn and perform for the night in question songs specifically requested by you. Naturally, we would need advanced warning in order to learn them. Please be realistic with your choices though, Bohemian Rhapsody would be difficult for a 3-piece band (although it is being considered) and Mariah Carey could prove to be painful for everyone, but both are not impossible.

Now the pleasant partů.. The Charge

The cost of hiring SKP can vary a lot depending on many factors.. the location, the date, and what exactly you'd like us to do !

For that reason, we' haven't given a price here. Please call Kev on 01883 347838 or e-mail us escapeeskp@aol.com.

When you book SKP, you get an excellent band, and of course a very large stereo PA system (through which we sing).

If you'd like music played through our PA while people gather at your party, that can easily be arranged, and similarly if a disco is in order, then you are very welcome to play any CDs etc through our system.

However, none of SKP are chartered DJs and so it would be best if you were able to provide a CD of music of your choice.

We can play CD format easily, and also MP3, minidisc, but please let us know in advance if using any of these.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, or better still, with confirmation of a booking.

Thank you for your time..

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New Music Download:
For example Live recordings, see www.myspace.com/skpbandlive
For original tracks, see www.myspace.com/skpband

"As soon a I heard them start playing I knew I'd made the right decision"
- Paul, after booking SKP for his wedding

"We love having SKP play here. It's always such good fun!"
- Lorna, The Sussex Arms
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